Art Oral America and DTG Education Center

AOA/DTG Education

This will be a place where we bridge the gaps between Dentists and Dental Technicians. We will  help influence the next generation of Dentists and Technicians coming into the field.  It will be unlike any facility that currently exists. Where else can you find a facility with Dentists, Technicians, and Students all learning together in an unbiased, sky-is-the-limit atmosphere? We intend to constantly push the borders of what is currently accepted as industry standard.

It will be a magical place! There will be many activities offered here. The main thing to remember as you enter our facility is to shed your exterior shell and be ready to leave here a different person.  Egos at the door please!

Anything can happen inside these walls. There will be no cap on creativity.

Now is the time to decide what kind of Dentist or Dental technician you want to be! We will inspire the new generation to be the BEST!

The focus of this clinic and laboratory will be a unique education model. We will focus on minimal invasive dentistry, using only all ceramic materials. It will include Dentists, Technicians, and Students, all together under the cause of raising the bar of Dentistry, and leaving it better than when we found it.

– Ed McLaren DDS MDT

The Next Generation of Dental Education for Dentist's and Technicians!

We're changing the way Dentistry is done